Buy or sell your computer, user manual

Equipping oneself with computers is becoming less and less expensive.In four years, the INSEE consumer price index for "information processing equipment" (which includes the price of computers) has been divided by two.

To have a fixed computer, you have to consider a minimum investment of 300 euros, and 500 euros for a laptop.At these price levels, you should not expect to have a branded device or the latest technological developments.However, there is a way to reduce the bill: buy a refurbished or used product.

Refurbished equipment is almost new It may have been used for in-store demonstrations or may have been returned for various reasons by buyers The devices are inspected and cleaned by technicians and then repacked They generally have a warranty that can go up to 'to one year.

Some manufacturers like Apple, via its Applestore site (, also sell these products themselves.They can also be found on merchant sites such as or but also from some major retailers.The savings compared to the price of new products can amount to 30%.Disadvantage: the products available do not necessarily correspond to those you are looking for.

The offer of second-hand computers is much more extensive."About 20% of laptop buyers renew their equipment every eighteen months or so", observes Frédéric Baroin, CEO of Exneo ( ), a quotation site for computer equipment.These equipment, often from prestigious brands, are sometimes available in stores.It is generally better to start by shopping on the Internet.

Posted Date: 2020-11-22

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